In Response to Dyson Interview

White Mediocrity Wins Again In response to the Breakfast Club’s interview with Michael Eric Dyson, I agree with every single thing he said. He touched on sensitive topics such as white mediocrity and misogyny in the music industry. He talked about the time when Beyonce lost the album of the year award to Adele. We […]

Michael Eric Dyson Interview

In this Breakfast Club interview, Michael Eric Dyson talks about his concerns with the music industry’s reluctance to let African Americans succeed. He wonderfully articulates the reason why Black people fall to the shadows when receiving awards. When he speaks on Beyonce losing Album of the year award to Adele it is mainly because black genius […]

“The Breakfast Club”-Michael Dyson

I genuinely enjoyed watching Michael Dyson’s interview on the the radio show “The Breakfast Club”. He made many points that I agreed with concerning black oppression and the idea of White privilege. Michael Dyson is right in saying that White privilege exists at the expense of someone else being denied. Whiteness is built in with the ability […]

Michael Eric Dyson: Interview on the Breakfast Club

Michael Eric Dyson: Breakfast Club Interview Michael Eric Dyson’s interview on the Breakfast Club was right on point. I thoroughly enjoyed the interview and I whole heartedly agree with many of the points he was making. I consider myself a member of the BeyHive and the way he stood up for Beyonce and spoke facts […]

Michael Eric Dyson Interview: The Ugly Truth

Michael Eric Dyson: Breakfast Club Interview (February 2017) Michael Eric Dyson makes very intriguing points in his Breakfast Club Interview. He integrated how prominent racial factors are in popular culture and African-American. Some people like to say how “racism is dead,” but Dyson examines how racial antagonism is instrumental in the reduction of Black success […]

Michael Dyson Review by Sydnei Young

    I believe that one does not have to attend college to seem learned. Intelligence does come from education. You can get educated from experience. However, formal education should not be underestimated either. Yet a college degree should not be equated to intelligence. I don’t think Michael Dyson should refer to people without degrees […]

Michael Eric Dyson Interview Review

The Michael Eric Dyson Interview focused on a lot of issues regarding black folks in terms of music and social issues that black people face within society. I felt very touched by this interview because I could relate to a lot of the issues that he was talking about. He spoke upon how Beyoncé is […]

Micheal Dyson’s Breakfast Club Review

The interview with Micheal Dyson of the breakfast club was a very great interview. His points on the various topics that transpired on the show were excellent and very knowledgeable. Dyson really touched on many topics, such as -Adele winning the grammy over Beyoncé, her speech and why she should have took more of stand […]

Michael Dyson Reflection

I really enjoyed watching Michael Dyon’s interview. Throughout the interview, many controversial subjects were discussed but were all surrounded by the fact that white mediocrity trumps black genius. Everything that he said I agreed with and since watching my eyes has opened my eyes even more to white privilege and the terrible things that go on […]

Michael Dyson Video Post

The video was very enjoyable. What stood out to me is when Michael Eric Dyson said that he uses “hip hop as a pedological tool to enlighten the youth”. In my opinion, he has established an effective strategy for reaching out to young black people. The words expressed in hip-hop music really do have the […]

On Intercommunal Allyship: The Fight Against Oppression

On Intercommunal Allyship in the Fight From Oppression  Michael Eric Dyson, author of “Tears we Cannot Stop” offers his analytical perspective on the current state of art and its ties to the present state of our societal culture.  The interview was comprised of multiple interconnecting points in which Dyson addressed the importance of money saving and […]

Recognize Our Black Genius @Becky

Eric Dyson is a respected Sociology Professor who is famously known for speaking out on racial and societal issues that affect the black community. Dyson was featured on the Breakfast Club in 2017 to discuss Beyonce’s recent loss at the Grammy’s which resulted in a discussion of white privilege in not just our music world, […]

Michael Eric Dyson: A Social Justice Advocate

The Michael Eric Dyson interview with the breakfast club was a very empowering interview. The interview was primarily about the roles that Black figureheads play in our society as well as the way power is distributed amongst those individuals we see as figureheads. One thing that Dyson talks about in the video is the idea […]

Michal Eric Dyson Breakfast Club Interview Reflection

First and foremost, Michael Dyson does an excellent job articulating and explaining the un recognition of white privilege. I feel Dyson delivered his message well enough for a white person to reflect on instances when they have used white privilege. He begins his talk by discussing the issues of white privilege in entertainment in regards […]

Breakfast Club Interview: Response and Thoughts

“It’s been said that racism is so American, that when we protest racism, some assume we’re protesting America” – Beyoncé This quote really stood out to me regarding the Breakfast Club interview because it talked about race and the consequences of not addressing race in an appropriate way. At the moment, on social media, I […]

Breakfast Club Interview: Michael Eric Dyson

The interview with Michael Eric Dyson covered a few controversial discussion topics. The main point that was being made was that in the United States, there are plenty of examples of white privilege shadowing black excellence. This is a very interesting statement, one example Dyson provided was with the Album of the Year award being awarded […]

Michael Eric Dyson Response

The Breakfast Club’s interview of Michael Eric Dyson resonated with me a lot and two things stood out to me.  The first thing that caught my attention was Dyson’s observation of Black genius being socially, politically, athletically, educationally, etc. inferior to White mediocrity.  When he said that, I thought about the several times in my […]

Michael Eric Dyson

Michael Eric Dyson had an interview on “The Breakfast Club.” He stated many things that stood out to me. He talked about Beyonce and how she’s victim of her own genius. He talked about how she does not get recognized for all the great things that she does. I can honestly agree with him. Beyonce […]