The Blues

Blues is a music type of black American folk origin that developed in the rural southern US toward the end of the 19th Century. Blues was apart of the wave in the innovation of Black America music. Urban blues is what gave rise to rhythm and blues and rock and roll. Blues also gave way to Jazz.
( 2017 Cornelia &  Alanna )

Lightnin’ Hopkins

The Influence of Lightnin’ Hopkins on Blues What is Blues? “What is the blues? Life. Life as we live it today, life as we’ve lived

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Howlin’ Wolf

Life Before His Music Career Howlin’ Wolf was a Blues musician who was inspired by other Blues artist’s before him,  was known for his hooting

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The Love of Blues

The Making of Blues Blues is a musical genre created by African American people for African American people meant to express a wide range of

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Blues music was known to break down the stereotypes of Black people and play a role in the fight for justice and equality during the

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Bessie’s Blues

Bessie’s Blues Thesis Blues is an important part of African-American music because it provided an outlet for unapologetic expressions and a way to define the

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