Michael Eric Dyson: Interview on the Breakfast Club

Michael Eric Dyson: Breakfast Club Interview

Michael Eric Dyson’s interview on the Breakfast Club was right on point. I thoroughly enjoyed the interview and I whole heartedly agree with many of the points he was making. I consider myself a member of the BeyHive and the way he stood up for Beyonce and spoke facts about how much of an amazing creative genius she truly is.

 The points Dyson made about Adele winning Album of the year and her response was actually funny to me. I honestly didn’t believe Adele was going to give Beyonce the Grammy even if we think that was the right thing for her to do. I don’t even think Beyonce would’ve taken it anyway. 

Dyson’s interview made me feel like I a lot because many of the things he was discussing we have learned here at Spelman, especially as it applies to privilege. Dyson is a smart man. He knows the value of Black women and he he is encouraging others to realize it as well. Dyson also persuaded me to look into Black Banks and spending more money within the Black community. Sometimes I take the value of the dollar for granted but his interview was a wake-up call.

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