Michal Eric Dyson Breakfast Club Interview Reflection

First and foremost, Michael Dyson does an excellent job articulating and explaining the un recognition of white privilege. I feel Dyson delivered his message well enough for a white person to reflect on instances when they have used white privilege. He begins his talk by discussing the issues of white privilege in entertainment in regards to Beyonce’s Grammy Album of the Year Award being given to Adele. It’s not difficult to see the difference in talent between the artist. Holistically, Beyonce is the better entertainer overall. She is able to empower women and the black race through her music alone. Like Dyson says, Adele’s music is mediocre. When listening to Adele, all of her music sounds similar, explaining the mediocrity. Personally, I’m not able to make any connetion with her art, not even in regards to gender. Although this observation can be made, the award was given to Adele. This serves as a prime example proving the existence of white privilege. This may be the case for many examples in everyday life. Racism and privilege have been instilled into American culture since colonization. Since colonization, the white race has been threatened by the black race. Evidence of this is shown throughout history. Unfortunately, because of the racist system put in place and the fear of black superiority, it becomes difficult for the blacks and whites to compete on an equal pedestal. In order to gain equal recognition, it will take union of the black race. Unity and trustworthiness of members of your own race is essential for the rise of black people in society. In the interview, Dyson discussed the use of black banks. He reports the importance of trustworthiness and investment into the black race by black people. This is vital to the societal rise of black people. It seems like there’s more competition amongst the black race in comparison to the uplifting of one’s fellow brother or sister. This is also the case for black women and black men. I think the connection and trustworthiness between black men and women is beginning to weaken over time, specifically in the perspective of black women. In order to rebuild this connection, black men must start to acknowledge the efforts taken by black women to uplift the black man. In most cases, black women fight for all positive societal changes regarding black men, but you rarely see black men standing for societal change in regards to black women. Ultimately, in order for the black race to effectively fight white privilege, we have to unite as a whole and uplift one another in efforts to unmask white privilege so that we may gain the recognition we deserve.

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