Breakfast Club Interview: Michael Eric Dyson

The interview with Michael Eric Dyson covered a few controversial discussion topics. The main point that was being made was that in the United States, there are plenty of examples of white privilege shadowing black excellence. This is a very interesting statement, one example Dyson provided was with the Album of the Year award being awarded to Adele instead of Beyonce. Relating back to the genre we are currently covering in class, another example would be Elvis Presley receiving the fame and recognition for performing blues songs that were originally performed by blacks. When Dyson was supporting this claim in the video, the concept seemed to make a lot of sense. He described the ultimate task of white privilege being the opportunity to share it. I believe this is the root of the problem. It is not hard for whites to denounce the notion that they have any privilege, but it is hard for them to claim it and own up to it. The privilege given to whites is not fair and should be addressed. I don’t believe it is something that will be addressed because whites have realized it is so much easier to live off the privilege rather than try to end it. The sense of comfort and security the privilege allows them to have is something that minorities in the United States do not have the pleasure of experiencing. The only possible solution to white privilege shadowing black excellence is more whites stepping out of their privilege and/or comfort zone and acknowledging the fact that the system we live in today is wrong, thus leveling the playing field. By doing so, praise and recognition will be solely based on talent and execution, the way it should be.

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