Michael Eric Dyson Interview Review

The Michael Eric Dyson Interview focused on a lot of issues regarding black folks in terms of music and social issues that black people face within society. I felt very touched by this interview because I could relate to a lot of the issues that he was talking about. He spoke upon how Beyoncé is one of the best artists right now and how her craft does not get recognized as much as it should because she’s a black. He also stated how Adele won album of the year against Beyoncé. He did not feel that Adele deserved that award against Beyoncé. I feel as if Beyoncé did deserve that award, but she was not given the award because of her race. He believes that Adele should have handed down the award to Beyoncé because he believes Adele know she didn’t deserve that award.  Michael Eric Dyson also speaks upon white privilege and how white folks may say he is racist when he is not he is often called this because he acknowledges the fact that white people are more privilege in society against black folks. I feel a strong connection to him when he spoke about this because a lot of white folks feel that your racist once you acknowledge race issues. Sometimes I feel as if white folks do not want you to acknowledge the fact that white issues persist they often like it to be swept under the bus. I am a victim of this issue. I have tried to explain race issues to white folks before and they claimed I was a racist. I feel as if sometimes they just don’t understand or try to be understanding of white privilege and race issues. Dyson also touches on issues focusing on the lack of diversity within the union and work places. I feel as if this issue will always persist because the people in charge of these jobs are white and they would love to continue hiring people that look like them. They also love to give white people the job over some black folks because of the race issue that persist. Dyson touches on important issues regarding capitalism within the black community. He hits important parts about how black folks do not let money circulate within the black community they basically help down the community by contributing their money to white assets. These issues in the black community will continue to persist if we do not realize the mistakes we make

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