Michael Dyson Video Post

The video was very enjoyable. What stood out to me is when Michael Eric Dyson said that he uses “hip hop as a pedological tool to enlighten the youth”. In my opinion, he has established an effective strategy for reaching out to young black people. The words expressed in hip-hop music really do have the ability to impact the youth and contrary to what some older generations believe, we do listen to lyrics. So, if he uses songs that have deep and thoughtful lyrics to teach, he has the power to actually spread knowledge and get some words to stick with and resonate with young black people. Some hip -hop artist are using the same strategy as Dyson to educate. Artists such as J Cole, Kendrick Lamar, and Jay-z are aware of the importance of their lyrics and have decided to use their platform to educate the listeners on topics such as politics and , drugs, and financial literacy.

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