Wynton Marsalis – “Harriet Tubman”

This piece likely pays homage to the heroic figure Harriet Tubman with a spirited and soulful composition. Marsalis is known for his technical prowess on the trumpet, and in such a piece, you can expect a blend of traditional jazz elements with a narrative quality in the improvisation, possibly evoking the sense of journey and struggle.

Roy Hargrove – “Strasbourg/St. Denis”

A modern jazz classic, this tune is known for its catchy riff and groove. Hargrove’s playing is characterized by a warm, round tone and fluid phrasing. The composition typically features tight ensemble playing and a structure that allows for expressive solos.

Joshua Redman – “Jazz Crimes”

This track is a modern jazz piece with complex rhythms and harmonies. Redman’s tenor saxophone playing is often intense and driving, with a keen sense of rhythmic innovation and melodic development.

Christian McBride – “In a Hurry”

As the title suggests, this piece is up-tempo and features intricate bass lines for which McBride is renowned. The song likely showcases his virtuosic technique and ability to navigate fast chord changes while maintaining a deep groove.

Branford Marsalis – “The Wrath (Structured Burnout)”

Branford Marsalis is known for his expressive saxophone playing that can range from powerful and intense to soft and lyrical. This piece may feature complex structures and a high level of intensity, with a burnout section that pushes the boundaries of traditional jazz forms.

Kenny Garrett – “Wayne’s Thang”

Garrett’s alto saxophone style is often fiery and passionate. “Wayne’s Thang” might be a tribute to Wayne Shorter and could feature modal harmonies, intricate melodies, and an opportunity for Garrett to showcase his distinctive, soulful improvisation style.

Terence Blanchard – “Mo’ Better Blues”

This piece, from the soundtrack of Spike Lee’s film, is a bluesy and soulful composition. Blanchard’s trumpet playing is typically lyrical and emotive, with a clear tone that sings over the band’s laid-back groove.

Mulgrew Miller – “Soul-Leo”

A pianist with a lush and sophisticated approach to harmony and melody, Miller’s “Soul-Leo” is likely to be a soulful and swinging piece, with a strong sense of blues and bebop influences.

Mark Turner – “Yam Yam”

Turner’s tenor playing is known for its cerebral approach, often featuring complex chord changes and intricate lines. “Yam Yam” may showcase his modern take on jazz, with a focus on innovative structures and a smooth, yet complex, melodic sense.

Brad Mehldau – “Just Call Me Nige”

Mehldau is a pianist who blends traditional jazz piano with elements of classical and rock music. This piece might feature his intricate interplay between hands, nuanced touch, and a deep exploration of themes within his improvisation.

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