Michael Dyson Reflection

I really enjoyed watching Michael Dyon’s interview. Throughout the interview, many controversial subjects were discussed but were all surrounded by the fact that white mediocrity trumps black genius. Everything that he said I agreed with and since watching my eyes has opened my eyes even more to white privilege and the terrible things that go on in today’s society. When Dyson was talking about how Adele won album of the year for her album 25  in 2017 instead if Beyonce winning for Lemonade which was an extremely well thought out visual album it really showed that black people have to work twice as hard in order to get half of what white people receive. Beyonce is one of the few artists who is more than just a vocalist, she is also an amazing performer. Having been to two of her concerts she is the only artists who I have seen live that puts on a show and doesn’t stand in one spot and just sing. She sings, dances with her dancers, and changes her outfits every few minutes. Dyson also stated that white privilege was created because at a point in time white people only had to compete against other white people and the best was determined within just white people, but they weren’t being put up against the best black people. White people no matter their social or academic status have a step up in just about everything they do. Watching this video really opened my eyes even more to white privilege and makes me want to support more black people in any way possible.

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