“The Breakfast Club”-Michael Dyson

I genuinely enjoyed watching Michael Dyson’s interview on the the radio show “The Breakfast Club”. He made many points that I agreed with concerning black oppression and the idea of White privilege. Michael Dyson is right in saying that White privilege exists at the expense of someone else being denied. Whiteness is built in with the ability to rig the competition. Because of this, the white working class rigged the competition from black people and have perpetuated the idea of” Blackness” being second-class to “Whiteness”.

Another point that he made is that black women have done more to protect black men than any other group in the world. black women are constantly standing up, comforting, and looking out for our black men.  However, we are often times overlooked and underappreciated by our black men. This creates a higher archey that pushes black women to the very bottom.  Something that black men fail to realize is that you CAN be oppressed AND STILL oppress others. 

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