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The History Of Jazz

In this course I learned the Roots of the music genre Jazz. This consisted of learning the different styles that emerged from Jazz such as:

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Women and Male jazz artist and what they brought to the evolution of Jazz.

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1959: Kind of Blue

“Kind of Blue” is an iconic jazz album created by Miles Davis, known as a trail-blazing trumpet player.  After being released in 1959, the album is

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A love supreme- Ryan Bates

“A Love Supreme” by John Coltrane is a musical masterpiece that holds a significant place in the world of jazz. This iconic album is characterized

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A Love Supreme

“A Love Supreme” was John Coltrane’s last studio recording recorded on December 9, 1964, at Van Gelder Studio. This album was created after Coltrane quit

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“The Story of Jazz” Documentary Notes by Asha St. Louis

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