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Childhood & Early Life:

Education & Performing Arts:

Music Career w Girl’s Tyme & Destiny’s Child:

Solo Artist Career:

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Major Works & Achievements:


  1. I conducted this research by finding scholarly journal articles that included not only background information on Beyoncé, but also her philanthropy and reasoning for being as successful as she is today. Her foundations, fan base, and even mentorship has influenced women worldwide and I learned a lot more about her based on those articles. I researched more of her as a mentor and influencer to young women and less of her as a renowned pop star. I was able to find more substantial evidence of how and why she is so successful in articles that talked more about her as a philanthropist than that of the articles who talked more about being a great singer.


  1. Beyoncé only competes with Beyoncé. Beyoncé is, without a doubt, the most eminent, successful, and hardworking female artist of the 21st