Michael Eric Dyson

Michael Eric Dyson had an interview on “The Breakfast Club.” He stated many things that stood out to me. He talked about Beyonce and how she’s victim of her own genius. He talked about how she does not get recognized for all the great things that she does. I can honestly agree with him. Beyonce has become a legendary woman, but she is so slept on in the music industry when it comes to all music genres. He talked about how Adele won album of the year at the VMA’s and she knew she did not deserve it. Adele knew that Beyonce’s album “Lemonade” should have won album of the year due to all her visuals and the messages she got across like black lives matter. He also talked about how white people are privileged and see nothing wrong with it. They do not see that they have things handed to them and don’t have to work for it like other races. White people do not like to see other races do better then them. They are unconscious in a way that they don’t recognize it. He also touches on the topic that black people should try to invest into black owned businesses but us black people don’t trust our own people with our money because we feel as though they are not knowledgeable of how to keep our money safe and not lose it. He says more people need to be like Lebron James who invested in a black team and got them trained by white people so they can learn to the skills needed , then fired the white people so that he can only have a black team that can run his operation. He is giving them the opportunity to prove themselves and showing that black people can be trusted with your money. Lastly, another topic he also spoke on is how black men are also unconscious about how they treat black women. Black men fail to realize that black women always have their back no matter what the case may be. Black women are not loved like they should be by black men and its sad. How can black men not see that black women who have always been at the bottom of the barrel are not appreciated in America. If no one appreciates a black woman a black man should because they will stand up and fight for black men even though they do not have to. Michael Eric Dyson is a very smart man. I applaud him for being so woke and conscious and making me more conscious. He stated things no one would normally point out in a conversation. He has made me even more interested and given me ideas about investing into black businesses.

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