Masego the new age Jazz and R&B creative

Thesis Statement

Jazz music has touched many souls for years since Buddy Bolden became known as the father of jazz. Since then many new artist have come to light and Masego being one them has integrated his own twist to the genre.

Artist History

Micah Davis also known for his stage name as Masego was born in Kingston Jamaica on June 8th 1993. He has become known for effectively incorporating instruments such as the trumpet and saxophone into his music.Masego’s father was Jamaican while his mother was African- American, they were both pastors in the Christian church. Due to his father being in the military the family of three moved to Virginia in 2000. It was here Davis learned to play the piano, saxophone, trumpet and different configurations of the drums.


Professional Career

After learning about his family roots in South Africa, high school was where Davis decided to make his stage name Masego meaning “Blessings” or “Divine Favor”.  Masego attended the college Old Dominican University in Norfolk Virginia, after he left college he took the initiative to put all of his attention and time into building  his musical career. 

In 2015 Masego released his first album titled ” The Pink Polo” he collaborated with Medasin on one of the most popular songs on the album “Girls That Dance.”  In 2017 he released his single Tadow which was included in the album Lady Lady in 2018 featuring SiR and FJK.


Some contemporaries with Masego in this day in time are Giveon, SiR, Ari Lennox GoldLink, Yuna and  Jhene Aiko. These artist all incorporate Jazz and R&B into their music you’ll often hear the bass, saxophone drums,  and piano in the music, while occasionally adding a HipHop sounding flow/rhythm to specific songs on album to switch it up. Many of the same instruments Masego himself learned to play as a child. 


Masego has listed down “Andre 3000, John P Kee and Cab Calloway as being his personal influences. He has referred to his musical style being “TrapHouse Jazz” according to Wikipedia. He has been featured on other artists songs such as GoldLink, SiR, The Game, Yuna, Kehlani and more. Recently this year Masego released his single Silver Tongue Devil with artist Shenseea. He can be seen playing one of his childhood instruments, the saxophone in the music video. 


  • In 2016 Masego and Medasin released the album- The Pink Polo  EP
  • Masego- Loose Thoughts
  • 2018- VanJess- Silk Canvas, Masego- Lady Lady
  • 2019- Ari Lennox- Shea Butter Baby
  • 2020- Passport, Silver Tongue Devil 

"You can't really chose what influences you. You can't choose what sparks something inside you."


 Altogether Masego is a very versatile and creative artist that has a large a amount of potential. He has mastered the art of “TrapHouse Jazz” while his music creates a feeling that is hard to explain. His name has yet to become too mainstream but his style, rhythm and smooth fire of his music will hopefully get him to reach the charts at some point in the future. 


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