Micheal Dyson’s Breakfast Club Review

The interview with Micheal Dyson of the breakfast club was a very great interview. His points on the various topics that transpired on the show were excellent and very knowledgeable.

Dyson really touched on many topics, such as

-Adele winning the grammy over Beyoncé, her speech and why she should have took more of stand

– White privilege in music, sports, and in society

– The BankBlack idea

This interview really struck me in a good way. Dyson really spoke truth about what is happening and what is going on in america. His talk about white privilege really stuck with me, because most of what goes now on begins at that point. His point about how white privilege was started, due to the fact whites had to make a way for them to always come out on top. To make sure that they keep all people of color at a level below them and block opportunities or stir them to  a direction that only they can reach. White privilege is very real and the points dyson made were very real and raw and at the top of the issues right now. I agree with the point that white people have to acknowledge, accept and understand their white privilege is only just one if the steps to move in the right direction.

Tiana Worrell

Tiana Worrell

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