Recognize Our Black Genius @Becky

Eric Dyson is a respected Sociology Professor who is famously known for speaking out on racial and societal issues that affect the black community. Dyson was featured on the Breakfast Club in 2017 to discuss Beyonce’s recent loss at the Grammy’s which resulted in a discussion of white privilege in not just our music world, but also in sports specifically the NBA and MlB in which black athletes dominate as well. Dyson states, ” Black Genius will always lose against white mediocrity” in reference to Adele taking home multiple awards that night against the popularized ‘Lemonade’ album in 2017. He explains that this has been happening for years, and references Chuck Berry and Little Richard explaining that they were also snubbed by well known white artist such as, Elvis Presley. Dyson extends his argument into discussing how the recent Trump era is the epitome of white privilege as the American people have voted white mediocrity into the White House.

Dyson’s analysis of white privilege was extremely informative, and he offers up great solutions towards the white community in how they can address their privilege in the correct way and in return use it for good, to help those otherwise without the same privilege.

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