Author: Alana Bufford


Timbuktu! is a musical that premiered on Broadway at the Mark Hellinger Theatre on March 1, 1978, and closed on September 10, 1978. Based on the book by Luther Davis,

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Hip Hop- YG 400

Keenon Jackson, known professionally as YG, is an American rapper hailing from the West Coast, specifically Compton, California. Before becoming the star he is today,

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Can’t Stop the Funk

Origin & Characteristics Funk is a genre that has “Black” written all over and through it. Funk made its debut during the 1960s. Originally viewed

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Classical Music

Origin & Characteristics Classical music is one of the oldest musical genres to date . Classical music made it’s appearance in the early 19th century.

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Origin of Genre & Characteristics Ragtime came about in the late 1800s. Known for its lively presence with an accompaniment of a piano it wasn’t

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The Blues

Origin and Characteristics The Blues came along in the 1900s and took the world by storm. It was originated by slaves and ex-slaves as a

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Jubilee Quartets

Origin of Genre After the negro spirituals came the Jubilee Quartets in the 1800s.  The Jubilee Quartets stemmed from University singing which is why we still

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Music Timeline

1924- When My Sugar Walks Down the Street The song I chose for 1924 is When My Sugar Walks Down the Street by Nat King

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