Music Timeline

1924- When My Sugar Walks Down the Street

The song I chose for 1924 is When My Sugar Walks Down the Street by Nat King Cole. This song is so sweet and made my heart melt. His voice sounds so soothing and the lyrics plus his voice makes you want to fall in love.

1925- Sweet Georgia Brown

The song I chose for 1925 is Sweet Georgia Brown which was performed by Ella Fitzgerald and Duke Ellington Orchestra. I absolutely adore Ella Fitzgerald’s voice and the fact that she took a song written by a White man and totally owned it deserved a spot on my list! Her voice on this song is perfect!

1926- Birmingham Breakdown

The song I chose for 1926 is Birmingham Breakdown by Duke Ellington and his Kentucky Club Orchestra. This upbeat and high energy composition founds its way on this list because of the fun use of instruments. This composition sounds like it belongs on an old school Mickey Mouse cartoon.

1927- Black Water Blues

The song I chose for 1927 is Black Water Blues sung by Bessie Smith with James P. Johnson on the piano. I was skeptical of listening to this song because the first song I listened to by Bessie Smith I was not too fond of, but i gave it a chance and I am glad. She sings with such soul and attitude and strength and the lyrics in this song told such a vivid story, hence why it made it on the list.

1928- West End Blues

The song I chose for 1928 is dubbed West End Blues. It is effortlessly performed by the great Louis Armstrong and Eric Hines. I knew at the first listen of this song that this would be my favorite. I sat in a lounge along with one of my friends and as the music played our shoulders and hips began to sway. This song makes me rewind to the 20s and views of a woman and her husband or lover swaying in a living room fill my mind. Just when you think it can’t get any better a soothing voice begins to harmonize with the various instruments.

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