Origin of Genre & Characteristics

Ragtime came about in the late 1800s. Known for its lively presence with an accompaniment of a piano it wasn’t long before Ragtime took off. The term “rag” came from the syncopated melodies that was created from the music. It is usually accompanied by treble with a fast and upbeat sound. Ragtime was usually played in spaces such as saloons, bars, and brothels. Ragtime music is performed on beats 1 & 3 with the chords on beats 2 & 4 .


Social Implications & Commodifications

Ragtime really brought out more of the ugliness in the world. Coon songs were created and performed to mock Black people. Coon Songs portrayed Black people as big mouthed, dark skinned, watermelon, and seed spitting people. The birth of Cakewalking also came about through the creation of Ragtime. Black people would do this dance which mocked upper class White people and whoever had the best walk, would win a cake. With sheet music becoming more and more popular and the creation of Ragtime, piano sells increased tremendously.

Key Performers

Influences of Future Genres

Ragtime has influenced the use of syncopated sound in many other genres such as Jazz, R & B, Rock N Roll and so many others

Conclusory Opinion

Ragtime really got people up and dancing i positive ways and some not so positive ways. The creation of the syncopated sound has and will forever impact many genres of music.

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