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Jazzing It Up : Jazz Post

J A Z Z W O M E N https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TEOzIc9LHGg&list=PL6904F2E2CA767F88 Jazz History Jazz was rooted in Southern African American music. Many say Jazz was born

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Negro Spirituals

Origin & History Negro Spirituals originated from plantations as lyrical songs to express the stories of the opressed black american people. As a people ,

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Desirae Banks


Funk music is a genre that was started in the 1960s. There are about 10 different variations of funk. There is Avant-funk, Boogie, Electro funk, Funk jam, Funk metal, Funk rock, G-funk, Go-go, Psychedelic

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Desirae Banks

Music Industry in 2010

In the 2000s, music had evolved to technology, downloading, and streaming. By 2010 there were 5 major digital music distributers.  Amazon Amazon is a company

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