The History Of Jazz

In this course I learned the Roots of the music genre Jazz. This consisted of learning the different styles that emerged from Jazz such as: Traditional, Swing, Bebop, Free, Fusion, and Cool. Each genre had a unique style that many talented artists emerged and gained their recognition from their contributions to the genre.

Traditional Jazz:

  • Known to various people as Dixieland or New Orleans jazz, traditional jazz has its roots in the dynamic culture of New Orleans and is distinguished by its upbeat and community-oriented vibe. Traditional jazz, which first appeared in the early 20th century, is a kind of group improvisation in which performers perform energetically within a set structure. It emphasizes group improvisation, with each instrument adding to a syncopated, swinging rhythm that serves as the foundation for the composition. Songs are frequently performed in groups and embellished with spontaneous solos that highlight the skill and originality of the various performers. In this genre, a rhythm section consisting of piano, banjo, drums, and double bass usually complements a frontline of instruments like as trumpet, clarinet, and trombone. The captivating energy, synchronized beats, and upbeat melodies of classic jazz remain captivating to audiences and provide the fundamental basis of the contemporary jazz music scene.

As Jazz continued to enhance different musicians came along that expanded the Genre into different styles:

Trad Jazz- Buddy Bolden “The Man Who Invented Jazz”

Swing – Duke Ellington

BeBop – Max Roach

  • emerged in New York
  • mid 1940’s
  • Upbeat Tempo, with heavy improvisation and chord progressions leading to many variations of key changes –
  • Dizzy Gillespie and Charlie Parker

Modal Jazz – John Coltrane

Free Jazz – Albert Alyer

Women Of Jazz – Nina Simone, Mary Vaughn, Ella Fitzgerald

  • Nina Simone, Mary Vaughn, and Ella all played an important role in the genre as any other male artists and were often overlooked on their Civil Rights contribution along with their talents.

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