Negro Spirituals by Issys Russell

Negro spirituals are a form of African American religious folk music. It started during slavery, giving enslaved people, Black people, a way to express their emotions and feelings. Since it originated at the time slavery was present, there was much African influence in singing and performing negro spirituals. For example, the songs had African rythms, beats, African religion practices, melofies, and the call and response tye pf of singing with African hymns. These negro spirituals mainly consisted of lyrics talking about hope, faith, freedom, and solemn. Some spirituals had double meanings, like routes and ways of rebelling. They represent resilience, struggle, and faith. It inspired genres of music now like jazz, blues, gospel, and soul. Negro spirituals are currenlty studied and sung as a way to celebrate and honor African Americans in slavery, our ancestors.

Wade in the Water is a famous negro spiritual that everybody of African descent knows. To this day it is still being sung and remastered to fit in this society.

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