Jubilee Quartets and The Gospel by Issys Russell

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The Jubilee Quartets is an African American genre that was popularized in the late 1900s. It is similar to religion music, or known as gospel. It mainly consisted of 6 male singers and transitioned to a mixture of women and men, sometimes growing in size more than 6. The groups followed an a capella influence. It started in slavery, in the 1800s, with African Americans singing and bonding over jubilee singing. It was not until the late 1900s that it was popularized. Students at an HBCU named, Fisk University, in Nashville, Tennessee formed a group and called themselves, Jubilee Singers of Fisk University. They toured around different churches around the country singing. They influenced other HBCUs to start groups just like the Jubilee Singers. They all toured to black churches and some even got signed to major record labels like The Dixie Hummingbirds and 

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