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The Blues, Both Encouraging and Depressing

The Blues, Both Encouraging and Depressing Amaia Calhoun Work songs, field hollers, slave songs and spirituals of black people from Texas, Louisiana and the Mississippi Delta are the foundation of the Blues. This rural musical artform

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The BLUEprint

Early Blues The blues genre of music originated in the South specifically after the Civil War.  It took place in cities like Atlanta, Memphis, and in Detroit. Chicago played the greatest role in the creation

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Motor City Blues

The blues took a new turn when it emerged in Motor City Detroit Michigan. A town where before was considered barren, the blues made the town a hotspot for music. With musicians such as John

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The Legacy of Blues

Singin’ The Blues Blues was a genre created to express the woes of everyday life. It was a description of Black life in its rawest state, and like the genres it developed from, it provided

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Feelin’ a little Blue?

Feelin’ a little Blue? Blues emerged in the late 20th century during a time of immense pain and tragedy. The genre of blues had social ties to a few southern cities such as St. Louis,

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I got the Blueeees

The Birth Blues emerged from the deep south in the 1900s. Created by African-Americans, the Blues expanded the community’s voice and provided another means of expression. Blues was influced by its parent genres including minstrel

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Underdogs of the Blues

Underdogs of the Blues When exploring the genre of the blues, men have dominated. However, women served as the underdogs as they fundamentally shaped the blues. For example, In 1920 Mamie Smith became the first

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The Blues: Sad Music or Storytelling?

The Blues: Sad Music or Storytelling? Blues began in the Mississippi Delta and became a mix of church style music, which morphed into work songs or songs that focused on the here and now. Typically

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Wipe your tears,don’t get the Previous Next Once again we created it ! Blues was birthed in the south in the early 19th century, not too long after the ending of slavery in America. Coincidence

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