Finding Love for Jazz – Final Project

Before signing up for this course, I didn’t listen to Jazz very often, but when I did, I enjoyed it. Growing up, my uncle would listen to this art while he cooked, cleaned, or even read a book. But as I got older and started to listen to music on my own, I gradually ran away from Jazz, but this class has helped me reconnect and find my love for Jazz.

When I listen to Jazz, I feel like I am in front of a fire place with a warm blanket covering my shoulders. It tells a story and makes me think and interpret the art im listening to. Jazz has helped me overcome a-lot this semester and allowed me to cry, laugh and think about where I want to be and what I want to do next in my life. Throughout this semester, we have listened to many songs by talented artist like Duke Ellington, Nina Simone, Louis Armstrong, Charlie Parker, Sarah Vaughan, Ordane Coleman, and etc. These artist performed different styles of Jazz and gave listeners like me a different point of view and feeling when exploring these different genres. In this course, we learned about Traditional, Swing, Bebop, Cool, and Free jazz. While some songs/albums may demonstrate one form of Jazz, others can represent multiple styles in one piece. In addition to listening to different songs with different styles, I listened and enjoyed both albums; Love Supreme by John Coltrane and Kind of Blue by Miles Davis. When listening to Love Supreme, I heard a story about betrayal and redemption. Although, I know that Coltrane created this album to signify clean living and spirituality, it demonstrated and represented another story in my eyes. And when I listened to Kind of Blue, I felt powerful and free. That album made me feel like whatever God threw my way, I will conquer and succeed. Both albums signifying something different and representing different emotions and meanings.

Overall, I don’t have a favorite Jazz musician or genre. I am a Gemini, so my mood changes frequently, which means that my music on my playlist changes frequently. I know that the music I listen to at the moment coincides with how I am feeling and so far, I haven’t heard a track I disliked. However, I can say that Bebop will have to be my least favorite to listen to, although, the talent it takes to perform such an art is amazing in its own. I have enjoyed this class tremendously and have learned different instruments used to create Jazz by listening and truly studying the art. I’ve listened to different artist like Kelly, Chambers, Evans, Tyner and Garrison solos and grew to appreciate and love their music. Jazz has been another way for me to get away from my thoughts this semester and I have truly appreciated it.

– Nia Curry

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