Spelhouse Hip-Hop Concert by Issys Russell

On October 25th, 2023, Lil Durk came to Morehouse College’s Forbes Arena to perform for the Spelhouse homecoming. There was a hip-hop concert. Lil Durk among other rap artists came out to perform thier biggest songs. Artists like Rob49, Young Nudy, and Veeze came out as well. For this project, I will only focus on Lil Durk’s performance. I just have to give a disclaimer, Lil Durk is from Chicago and I am also so I had a good time and enjoyed his performance very thoroughly. It was like he made sure that the bass was increased. He did not have a live band but having a live band for rap performances isn’t very common. He made sure to keep the audience very engaged. The music was very lively and even thoughu he didn’t have a live band, you still every instrument in the songs. I only wished he did a little bit more choreography. I appreciate choreography but I know it isn’t very common with rappers. He performed his best songs and some off of his newest album, “Almost Healed”. 

This is an edit / clip of Lil Durk’s performance from the concert.

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