The New Andre 3000 – Final

"New Blue Sun" - Song 4

Born Andre Lauren Benjamin on May 27, 1975 in Atlanta Georgia was rapper/singer, songwriter , musician, and producer Andre 3000. Also known as Dre, his career started in his early teens with his childhood friend Antwan Patton (Big Boi). They later created the well known group OutKast, and started producing well known hits such as “Players Ball” (1993) and “Hey Ya”( 2003).

Sadly the group Outkast disbanded and each member went their separate ways. Andre stop making music and only helped produce other artists produce songs.

Recently Andre has re introduced himself by finally releasing a new album after 17 years called “New Blue Sun”. Andre describes his new album as “therapeutic” and continues to state that this album style is more appealing to him at his age contradicting his normal old rap. His new album does not contain a beat or lyrics, only physical and digital wind instruments. Andre mentions that being a jazz fa he recalled John Coltrane starting off playing the clarinet so that when he decided to base his album on old wind instruments. As Coltrane reaching for new heights and rebirth in his album “Love Supreme”, Andre mastered rap’s rigidity, pushed it past its limits and eventually reconfigured the entire landscape. Representing  his experiences and new take on life at the current stage in his life



Song 4
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Initial Reaction :

  •    “Lost”
  •   Vibrant
  •   Mysterious
  •   Contrasting
  •   Peace
– Im not completely sure if there was a consistent melody in this piece but at times in the song there would be different a melody. I would consider this piece apart of the Fee/Cool Jazz


Final Statement :

Andre 3000 song represents the contrast and peace one can find in their journey.


  • As I listened to the music initially I was very confused and couldn’t depict    
  •  It Strats of very Bold giving a tropical sense with higher pitched flutes (Im assuming which is the melody) which continues throughout the whole pieces. It also contains lowered tones that are very subtle and do not as loud as high pitched sounds. However as the piece continues the lower tones and the higher tones switch where now the main focus is low and you have higher instruments intertwining. As it nears the ends it subtly slows downs and all that is left it a soft high sound seeing as how it started. Based off of the name and sound I assumed that this was the balance of a feminine and masculine energy. Trying to figure out a balance where one side takes over more than the other as certain points and getting “lost” in a sense, but eventually finding peace at the end. 

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