Jadah Best


Disco: Freedom & Liberation New York City was the birth place of Disco music. During the 1970’s underground dance venues were filled the melodies of

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Black Muscial Theater

LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION: BLACK MUSICAL THEATER Musical theater can be traced back to ancient Greece were people would sing, dance, and act in order to

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Hip hop by Jadah Best

Hip Hop Late 1970’s Current A newer genre of African American music, hip-hop is a style of music that was foundered in New York City.

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All About Gospel

Gospel The Word of the Lord Gospel can be considered the modern day Negro Spirtuals. This style of music has a bibical theme and is

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The 70s decade

Welcome to the 70s : Project CLICK LINK BELOW TO WATCH INFORMATIVE 70s ⬇️VIDEO ⬇️ https://youtu.be/X19bDagYDMY https://youtu.be/X19bDagYDMY Videos and Performances of the 70s Play Play

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Bebop: speed and rhythm

Bebop Jazz:Tempo faster than Light what is Jazz? Originated in New Orleans, jazz is a genre of music created by African Americans similarly to the

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Negro Spirituals

During the Atlantic slave trade, Negroes where taken from their homeland of Africa and brought to various places around the world such as Brazil, the

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