Hip hop by Jadah Best

Hip Hop

Late 1970's Current

A newer genre of African American music, hip-hop is a style of music that was foundered in New York City. Although, throughout the years hip-hop has evolved with the times, it is one of the most popular genres of music 


Although hip-hop is a newer style of music, it has earlier musical origins. Hip-hop has influences from funk, jazz, R&B, disco, rock, talking blues, etc. Being that most hip-hop songs that include lyrics are in the form of rap, spoken word additionally a major part of the hip-hop genre.

Types of Hip-hop

Hip-hop goes beyond just rap music but also includes many other sub-genres. These sub-genres include and are not limited to Neo-soul, trap, breakbeat, and elctro.


Being that Hip-hop became a thing around the 70's many people were producing music without the use of actual instruments (the tradtional ones.) Some of the more modern instruments used to make rap music includes, turntable, a mixer, electronic drums, a keyboard, as well as an electronic mixer.

The Elements

1) The beat : DJing 2)The rap (aka MCing) 3)Graffiti 4)Hiphopdancing, the style of clothing and the attitude .

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Jadah Best

Jadah Best

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