She Got it Going on: Lil Kim

Kimberly Denise Jones

Famously known as: LIL KIM The Queen Bee

Kim's Early Years

On July 11, 1974 Ruby Mae and Linwood Jones gave birth to the beautiful Kimberly Denise Jones. Kimberly started her life with residing in Bedford-Stuyesant, Brooklyn, New York were she attended catholic school with her brother. Her parents relationship began to take a turn when her father began physically abusing her mother. At this point Ruby Mae took Kimberly as well as her brother and moved to New Rochelle, NY. After a few years her mother wasn’t  financially stable enough to take care of the children and had to place them in the care of Linwood Jones. While in Jones care he verbally abused Kimberly which led her leaving the house at the young age of 14 years old. In order to survive she would often stay by neighbors and old men who would feed and take care of her for sex in return. She additionally, worked at local department stores and ran errands for drug dealers. During this time Kimberly was sexually abused and dropped out of school. It wasn’t until she ran into Christopher Wallace (Notorious BIG) at the age of 17 were her life changed forever. She later became signed to Puffy’s music label and became the only woman apart of “Junior MAFIA.”

Becoming LiL Kim

Kim’s first single was “Player’s Anthem” on Junior M.A.F.I.A’s debut album “Conspiracy.” This album went gold which some would think of not being such a big deal but for them since it was their first album it was.  In 1996 Lil Kim released her first solo album ” Hard Core” which went double platinum. Over 6 million copies of the album was sold around the world. “No Time,” “Crush on You,” and “Not Tonight” were the most popular songs on the album. At that time she had the highest debut for a female artist while being #11 on Billboards Top R&B Albums. Because, of the success that Not Tonight” had a remix was produced that included; Missy Elliot, Angie Martinez, DaBrat, and Left Eye. Furthermore the song was nominated for a Grammy. 

Her extremely sexual lyrics caught the attention on many people. Kim’s style was very intriguing because there was not another female rapper out at that time that was so vulgar with her words. Kim’s work has been labeled as ” gangsta porno rap.”

In 1998 “Queen Bee Entertainment” which is Lil Kim’s label was introduced.  Two years later in 2000 following that death of Biggie Kim produced the song “The Notorious K.I.M.” which she collab with Puffy on. She was trying to connect to Biggies legacy after his death. This song was able to hit #4 on the Billboard 200 chart. 

"Black Madonna"

Lil Kim is famously known for her image. Throughout the years Kim’s image has drastically changed. The first difference that many seem to recall is Kim getting breast implants. She then started wearing colorful wigs as well as colored contacts. Her style pf fashion has become an iconic look that people to this day are inspired by. Some may have considered her fashion to choices to be edgy, sexy, and eye-catching (similarly to her music).  From the 90’s to present day, Kim has also undergone many surgeries that altered her body all together. Many have critique her new look. 


Throughout the years Lil Kim has expressed that MC Lyte and The Lady Rage are credited with inspiring her musically. 


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