Bebop: speed and rhythm

Bebop Jazz:Tempo faster than Light

what is Jazz?

Originated in New Orleans, jazz is a genre of music created by African Americans similarly to the many other great American music genres. Jazz was created as a result of both blues and ragtime. It is composed of “propulsive syncopated rhythms.” Additionally, it was considered to be popular dance music during the 1940’s. When composing a jazz piece rhythm is an essential part; in some instances the songs include a call and response pattern. Jazz was and is still used to express emotion whether it be sadness or happiness.

Instruments Popularly Used in Jazz


Jazz is a large genre of music that has smaller sub-genres within it. Bebop is a sub-genre of jazz. Bebop has a much faster tempo which led to people thinking that you aren’t able to dance to it. The rapid rhythm  is due to the rapid chord change. This rapid chord change is a way that the performer showed the amount of skills that they had. There was a shift from calling instrument players, entertainers to calling them artist because of this. Improvisation was an essential part of bebop ; during improvisation the artist were able to lose themselves in the music and just play exactly how they feel. Bebop was usually played in small ensemble which included, trumpets, saxophones, drums, piano, and bass. 

Dizzy Gillespie

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Coleman Hawkins


Thelonious Monk


Miles Davis


Bebop dancers in 1947

Dizzy Gillespie - Bebop

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