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Musical Theatre

Play Musical Theatre 1800s-Now Origin Black musical theatre originated in New York city during the late 1800s. Black people were represented in plays by using

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Hip Hop

Hip Hop Hip Hop originated in The Bronx during the 1970s. Hip Hop gained popularity in the 1979 from being played at block parties and

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Buy a Pass Funk Origin Funk was created by African Americans in the mid 1960s. Jazz is a combination of jazz, RnB, and blues. When

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Techno 1980s Detroit Origin Techno began in Detroit in the 1980s as an underground music genre. It is a combination of Chicago house, funk, and

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Disco 1970-1980 History Of Disco 1970-1980 Originated in NYC Disco was not only a genre but a movement that liberated individuals. Disco songs were played

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Jazz Jazz is a genre of music founded by African Americans that grew from ragtime bands and adopt the ragtime form of syncopations.  Characteristics of

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RagTime by: Elinam Anyidoho Ragtime Ragtime lasted from the years 1896-1920. Post slavery black musicians could only play in bars and brothels, therefore ragtime became

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Blues How did it start? Blues became commercialized 1914. Prior to that it started as work songs that would be created while black people were

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Jubilee Quartet

m jubilee quartets jubilee 1880-1929 transitional 1930-1945 Gospel 1946-1969 Create Your Own Playlist Jubilee Quartets Jubilee Quartets got their start in the late 1800s and

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Negro Spirituals

Negro Spirituals was a religious category of music created by African Americans that were slaves. Negro Spirituals had a somber tone, and often talked about

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by: elinam anyidoho Folk Music was exposed to black people early on in the history of music. It has its origins in Africa and was

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