by: elinam anyidoho

Folk Music was exposed to black people early on in the history of music. It has its origins in Africa and was diffused into African American culture through the slave trade. I am from Ghana and i remember the folk tales and songs my grandfather used to tell me about our history and lineage.  I learned about the three elements of folk music that are: patting juba, Polyrhythms, and call-response. Patting juba was percussion that was used by slaves that coincided with their dancing and singing. Polyrhythms and rhythms that are either played by instruments in harmony, or song in harmony. Call-Response is when soloist call and groups respond in song. Popular instruments in African American folk music are the banjo, patting juba, and the djembe. Folk music was used during black enslavement as a way for them to express themselves and interpret their surroundings. Eventually white people began to incorporate folk music into their own and used it to form their own music. A lot of genres can find their roots in African folk music such as Hip Hop and Country music. African Folk music greatly impacted and benefited the music across the world. 

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