Jazz is a genre of music founded by African Americans that grew from ragtime bands and adopt the ragtime form of syncopations. 

Characteristics of Jazz

Jazz music is alive and and possessed its own spirit and every. Jazz was meant to be improvised and could be changed based on the feelings of the musicians. Jazz is an ongoing conversation. Jazz has its roots from ragtime and blues. Call and response is a technique used in Jazz and other predominant African American influenced genres.
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Genres of Jazz

Traditional Jazz


Free Jazz

Cool Jazz

Jazz Fusion

Modal Jazz

Young Lions 

Jazz Social Impact

Jazz played a major role in the commodification of black music. The Harlem Renaissance was a movement that encouraged black creativity in the arts. Jazz music helped integrate spaces because white people wanted to listen to jazz music that was played in black nightclubs. Jazz musicians made started the trend of black people making money from their own music. Jazz also heavily influenced the army.

Famous Artist

Charlie Parker

Louis Armstrong

Pharoah  Sanders

Wynton Marsalis

Miles Davis

Theloneous Monk

Oscar Peterson

Art Blakey

Ornette Coleman

Sun Ra

Dizzy Gillespie

Bud Powell

Max Roach

Coleman Hawkins

John Coltrane

Dexter Gordon

Sarah Vaughn

Mary Lou Williams

Cecil Taylor

Joe Jennings

Tony WIlliams

Tia Fuller

George Benson

Grover Washington Jr.

Marcus Miller

Esperanza Spaulding

Freddie Hubbard

Lenny White

Sonny Rollins

Lee Morgan

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