Hip Hop

Hip Hop

Hip Hop originated in The Bronx during the 1970s. Hip Hop gained popularity in the 1979 from being played at block parties and clubs. Hip Hop songs were made on two turntables by taking famous songs and making a break in the song. Hip hop transformed music and would bring black people modern day problems to light. Clive Campbell was the DJ that helped spur the movement. Hip Hop was vulgar and gritty unlike music from the past. 

Famous Artists

Run D.M.C. – Dj Kool Here – Doug E. Fresh – The Fat Boys – Kid N Play – Ice T – Tupac – Biggie – Snoop Dogg – Slick Rick – Grand Master Flash & The Furious Five

Gangsta Rap



Modern Day Hip Hip

Hip Hop as evolved into modern day rap music that has multiple sub genres. Trap artists such as Chief Keef, from Chicago, and alternative rap artists such as noname. They both highlight different parts of the black experience. Now you will not find a black artist not on the billboard 100 list for rap. Rap is now a mainstream genre and loved by all races. Nicki Minaj is currently the queen of rap.

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