History Of Disco


Originated in NYC

Disco was not only a genre but a movement that liberated individuals. Disco songs were played in clubs on records instead of having a live band. Disco Music consists of uptempo rhythms and beats. Disco Music main Audience was African Americans, Latinos, and gay dancers. 

Disco Dances

Disco Music was accompanied by dances. Dances that were created during the disco era included , The Hustle, the funky chicken, the disco finger, and the robot dance. 

Black People and DIsco

Disco had its roots in African American music. It comes from funk music and soul music. Disco was lead by Motown and Philadelphia International Disco. Black people captivated the club scene with their style and mystical music. 

Social Impact


Party Drugs were rampant in the Disco Era. These drugs included: Cocaine, Quaaludes, and amphetamine


Disco Clubs were a safe space for LGBTQ+ individuals that no longer felt safe in gay clubs due to undercover cops. They dominated the disco clubs and created their own space that was inclusive and judgement free.

Disco Artist

Donna Summer 100%
Diana Ross 100%
Gloria Gaynor 100%
Sylvester 100%
Barry White 100%


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