Musical Theatre



Black musical theatre originated in New York city during the late 1800s. Black people were represented in plays by using blackface. Blackface was a way to degrade blacks people and exclude them from theatre. Musical theatre involves both singing and acting in front of an audience. Dahomey was the first negro musical written and produced by African Americans. Black people were able to change their own narrative in 1903 when this play came out. Now black people are represented in major broadway productions and are getting roles based on their talent. 

Famous Black Plays & Performers


The Ziegfeld Follies 

The Emperor Jones 

Shuffle Along

Porgy and Bess


A Raisin in the Sun

The Wiz

Ma Raineys Black Bottom


Taye Diggs


KEKE Palmer 

Billy Porter 

James Monroe Iglehart

Denzel Washington 


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elinam anyidoho

elinam anyidoho


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Hip Hop

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