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Techno originated in Detroit Michigan in the early 1980’s. Techno is a from of electronic music produced using a wide range of electronic and computer-base digital instruments and software. Techno music does not just belong to one race, its universal. Techno music has given way to disco dj’s, raves, house music, dance and so many other things. Techno can be appreciated in the general historical lineage of electronic music.

Letter of Recommendation: Detroit Techno // The New York Times

A New Style Was Born...

Detroit Techno Artists

These tabs include the names of artists, DJs, engineers, etc. that made important contributions to the Detroit Techno genre/culture. The “Key Names” tab includes names that were highlighted throughout the chapter of our text and the “Others” tab includes names that were mentioned. If you click on a hyperlinked name, it will lead you to more information on that person.


About Techno by Spelmanites


Techno, electronic house music (EDM) began in Detroit in the 1980s and became popular globally in the 1990s. EDM still had explicit connection to disco

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The Smooth Era

The era of R&B, soul, funk and techno R&B or rhythm and blues manifested in the black community during the 1940’s. It wasn’t until the1950s

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