Why I dislike Techno Music

Why I dislike Techno Music

Techno is electronically made music that was developed in Detroit, Michigan. Just like Hip Hop, there are many subgenres that formed from the initial creation of techno music. Techno music originated from a combination of funk, house and electric jazz music. Juan Atkins, Kevin Saunderson, Derrick May, and Eddie Fowkles are the main pioneers of techno music.

Listening to techno music made me feel like I was in a movie rave scene. I honestly do not like anything about techno music. I understand that techno music was made by African Americans but I do not think African Americans really connected with the music. I think one reason for the disconnect is because there aren’t typically a lot of lyrics. One major factor that lead to the huge success of hip hop was the lyrics. People connected to it and enjoyed listening to it because they could actually relate to it. Whether or not a techno song is “good” is entirely dependent on the beat so what makes a good techno song? To me, techno music sounds like computer malfunction sound effects or digital chaos. Although techno music was a form of dance music, it does not make me want to dance.

Overall, although techno music is a pillar of African American music history, it is not one of my favorite genres. I know that I think this is partly because I am a product of the 21st Century and techno music has been decreasing in popularity. Techno music is the main form of music for raves and I think raves are the techno versions of mosh pits. Mosh pits are more closely related to hip hop which is the primary preference of music for main stream America and also myself.

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