Taking The House Down With House Music

The Birth House Music

House music has been known as the most influential genre of dance music. House music has its foundation in disco music. This form of early house music has had many influences on the development of pop music, hip pop, and various other music styles. House music originated in dance clubs in Chicago and New York in the late 70’s. DJ’s were experimenting with different ways of mixing records to keep the attention of the crowds in the  club.  The remixing of records and the implementation of new technology came the emergence of House music. House music became known as the “new light that was born from the ashes of Disco.” During this time period, there was protesting against disco music that was seen in the anti-disco movement. Much of the uproar was not sparked because of the disco tracks but because of the pushback of Black artist during this time. House Music was seen as a rebirth of these records for audiences to enjoy. 

Techniques That Established House

DJ’s during the late 70’s reached beyond the limits of DJ equipment. Many DJ’s working these nightclubs did not have access to boards that could give them free creative range. In the early 80’s, the introduction of synthesizers, samplers, sequencers, and drum machines allowed for more versatility that made people fall in love with the new music styles. With the growing popularity of House music in the late 70’s and 80’s, House music became a growing phenomenon that spread globally in the 90’s. House music quickly spread to Europe and became the most popular genre during the 90s. 

Crystal Waters & House Music

Crystal Waters is an American dance music singer and song writer that began her career in 1989. She is best known for her 90s hits “Gypsy Woman” and “100% Pure Love.” Waters became one of the most popular and leaders of placing House music on a global platform. She gained the early exposure to House music through the Basement Boys who were a group of producers that spearheaded Crystal’s first album project that catapulted her career. Her hit song extended conversations around serious topics happening around the wold such as homelessness. The song gypsy focuses on her new awakening  of what homelessness is and the ways in which it has effected people. The message she was conveying in her song was largely ignored and went over the heads of those listening to this song in clubs. The song would go on to be the highlight of house music in the 90s and gain Waters stardom on a global level. 

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