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Evolution of HipHop

Hip Hop is a civilization. It is composed of many different elements and styles, yet is so connected in every way. It brings people together,

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Musical Theater

The minstrel show, which is a more musically elaborate 4-man team theatrical genre, came about in the 1840’s. The creators of this form were northern

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This semester has been full of laughs, loaded with information, and left me questioning a lot of things. I learned about the different musical genres that

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The era of Ragtime can be estimated to be from the 1890’s to the 1920’s, during a time where African Americans were still very much

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The Blues: On the Backs of the Black

Before white America had Rock & Roll, Hard Rock, and Metal, southern African American musicians created the blues. A genre, that was originally about overcoming black struggles, saying what

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African American Quartets

African American Quartets emerged in the 1920’s, or otherwise known as the roaring 20’s, during a era of dramatic political and social change. More [white]

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Tamia McLaughlin’s IME

Introduction Hi, my name is Tamia McLaughlin. I am a sophomore, Early Childhood and Development major from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Mindset I am excited for this

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