Evolution of HipHop

Hip Hop is a civilization. It is composed of many different elements and styles, yet is so connected in every way. It brings people together, makes them move their bodies, bob their heads, tap their feet. It is liberating and freeing yet traps people in a box they sometimes get lost in. It is a revolution, and continues to grow and progress as the years go on. Different styles, rhymes and rhythms but the same ever lasting love and passion that follows behind every artist on their journey. I created this image to show just that. The use of only four colors shows the connectedness of all the artist in that they are one in the same. The vast timeline of when these artist exist is also meant to show the unity in there presence, in that when they are names on a paper you can not see the difference in decades but a collectiveness of talent. It is meant to be humble (imperfect handwriting/small mistakes), in that so is Hip Hop and there is white space left purposely for the future names to come. It does not stop here, this is just the beginning of what’s to come. Can’t you feel the come up? I can, and it’s gonna be revolutionary!

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