Tamia McLaughlin’s IME


Hi, my name is Tamia McLaughlin. I am a sophomore, Early Childhood and Development major from Minneapolis, Minnesota.


I am excited for this course, because I will have the chance to broaden my knowledge on artist and musicians of color. I also simply love music and the way it can create vibes that both influence and change feelings and emotions. Sometimes even unnoticeably. It seems like the class will be a lot of fun and I look forward to learning.


Growing up I played many different instruments. The piano, guitar, saxophone, and flute-in that order. I took piano and guitar lessons as a child, and played the saxophone and the flute in the middle school band. High school I was an alto in the choir and now I just sing in the shower to my favorite tunes. Music has been a large part in my life and has helped to sculpt me into who I am today.




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