Chicago vs. Earth, Wind and Fire

From the way the musicians feel the beat to their choice of clothing, we can see many contrasting elements in the ways White and Black funk musicians, in this concert, perform. The White musicians, wore less “funky” clothes in that some wore suit like attire, and most simply wore a button up shirt and jeans. Whereas the Black musicians wore much more creative and extravagant outfits, which really took there visual performance to the next level. Also, the White group seemed to move slightly less than the Black musicians, in terms of rocking, dancing and grooving to the beat. The main singer for Earth, Wind and Fire was very passionate, moved all across the stage and really interacted with the audience with his movements. On the other hand, the main singer from Chicago rock band was much stiffer in his movements and though very musically talented, did not give off the same natural vibes. The White musicians improvised throughout the performance, but not nearly as much as the black group, and seemed steadier on the beat versus the Black group who seemed more inclined to give way to improve and funkier additions to the song. In general, the natural flow of the Black band seemed much more fluid than the other. To summarize my opinion, it’s clear who the original are and who are the duplicators.

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