Donna Summer: The Queen of Disco

Donna Summer: The Queen of Disco Background Donna Summer was born on December 31, 1948, in Boston Massachusetts. She began performing as a child in her local church choir. She also performed in school musicals and even joined a blues-rock band named Crow. The group had little success so Donna decided to explore other options. […]

The Soul Stirrers: Jubilee Quartet

The Soul Stirrers: Jubilee Quartet Origins of Jubilee Quartet and Jubilee Singing The Jubilee style of singing started in the 1870’s when the Fisk Jubilee singers popularized the singing of negro spirituals in a style that emphasized musical expression and the techniques of western musical traditions. Background The soul stirrers were a jubilee quartet formed […]

Eubie Blake: Ragtime Pioneer

Eubie Blake: Ragtime Pioneer Background Eubie Blake was born February 7th, 1887 in Baltimore, Maryland. He was born to former slaves, Emily Johnstone and John Sumner Blake. He began musically training when he was just five years old. Because of his talent at such a young age, many people referred to him as a child […]

Artist Paper: :Lauryn Hill

Lauryn Hill: The Artist Paper Artist History      Lauryn Noelle Hill was born on May 26th, 1975 in Newark, New Jersey. She is the daughter of a teacher and a computer management consultant. Although it was not their professional careers, her family was very musically oriented. Her mother played piano and her father sang. […]

The Clark Sisters

The Clark Sisters: Ladies of Gospel Background: The Clark sisters are a jubilee quartet that formed in the 1980’s in Detroit, Michigan. The group was made up of the five Clark sisters, Twinkie, Jackie, Dorinda, Karen, and Denise. The group was formed by the Clark sisters mother, Dr. Mattie Moss Clark. Their mother had been […]

Marian Anderson: The Voice of the Arranged Spiritual

Marian Anderson: The Voice of the Arranged Spiritual Who is she? Marian Anderson was born on February 27, 1897 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Her family was extremely faith based and was well connected within the church.Marian herself was involved in the junior church choir where she really found her love for music. Her parents couldn’t afford […]

Rhiannon Giddens: The New Face of Folk Music

Rhiannon Giddens: The New Face of Folk Background: Rhiannon Giddens is the new face of folk music. Born on February 21, 1977 in Greensboro, North Carolina, Rhiannon Giddens was a force to be reckoned with. Her father was a music teacher, which really launched her interest in music as an art. Despite going to college […]