“The Story of Jazz” Documentary Notes by Asha St. Louis

The Story of Jazz Documentary mainly talks about the history of jazz and very important people in the jazz industry.

    • Billy Baldwin was the “first” Jazz musician who became very popular among the general public

    • Louis Armstrong contributed to Jazz music in many ways and could be considered the father of Jazz music. He was also one best Jazz Trumpet players.

    • Jazz came about when Africans we brought to America. 
    • Africans mixed their native music from home with European music to make Jazz
    • Ragtime was the main foundation of jazz, and over time is had certain tones that evolved into jazz music
    • Jazz originated in New Orleans but over time these musicians moved and traveled over the united states allowing Jazz to be heard throughout the country
    • Lil Harvey was one of the first Jazz female musical analyst’s.
    • Coleman Hawkins established the Saxophone
    • James B Johnson developed the music piece the “Charelston” and he was famous for his piano abilities.
    • Duke Ellington came to New York in 1923, and  quickly found popularity & he was known to be a band leader & composer.
    • Mary Marie Louis became the first leading ladies within the Jazz scene

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