A Love Supreme

“A Love Supreme” was John Coltrane’s last studio recording recorded on December 9, 1964, at Van Gelder Studio. This album was created after Coltrane quit drugs which is why it signifies clean living and spirtuality. While listening to this album, the tempo seems to starts off fairly slow and escalates higher throughout each part. It was almost like a play in the form of Jazz staring other musicians such as Elvin Jones, Jimmy Garrison and McCoy Tyner.

In part 1 at the very beginning of this album, my interest was struck as I heard the drums played by Elvis Jones slowly intertwining with the saxophone, then Jimmy Garrison coming in on the bass, and last but definitly not least, McCoy Tyner coming in with the piano. It made me feel happy and reminded me of a combination of traditional jazz and free jazz. In part 2, McCoy Tyner the pianist, plays a lovely solo that sets a mood of happiness and secrecy in my opinion. It is one of my favorite parts out of all four and I realized that after playing it for a third time. I really enjoyed the individuality put into the solos by both Tyner and Coltrane. Parts 3 and 4 were both great as well. Part 3 was really fast at the beginning and slowed down when Jimmy Garrison played his solo towards the end (which was my favorite part). Part 3 reminded me of how something in life could be going really great, then comes the downfall. Lastly, part 4 intro with Coltrane’s solo on saxophone was my favorite solo because it reminded me an old slave song called “Follow the Drinking Gourd” It sounded like pain, fear and strenght all in one. Overall, the album as a whole was amazing to me and I really enjoyed listening to the different instruments and forms of jazz that was put into it. It made me want to dance, cry, laugh and just be free. – Nia Curry

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