Negro Spirituals

Origin Negro spirituals were songs created by slaves to express what they were going through and their Christian values. They were often reffered to as hymn by European observers, which they distinctly were not.  They started with slavery. Africans were kidnapped from their homes and forced into slavery in a New World. They worked on […]

Negro Spirituals

Negro Spirituals by Nina Lee Negro Sprituals is one of the first genres recorded as being accredited to African-Americans. This music can be traced back to the starts of enslavement and is still song today.  – The music is considered spiritual not secular because of the content. Most of the songs had to do with […]

Marian Anderson Article Review

Before reading the article on Marian Anderson, I was unaware about her contributions to Negro Spirituals. In Anderson’s lifetime, she won many awards such as: Kennedy Center Honors, Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award, and Congressional Gold Medal. Anderson was the first African American singer to sing at the white house and the first African American singer […]

The Real Tea about Negro Spirituals

Have you ever wondered how black people reflected about slavery? About being kidnapped from their homes and forced into slavery in a New World. Working in houses and on plantations while also, only being allowed to meet for Christian services only? Listen to some negro spirituals like, “Sweet Honey in the Rock” by Motherless Child or […]

The Spirit Behing Negro Spirituals

The Spirit Behind Negro Spirituals origin Negro spirituals originated when slaves needed a way to express the emotions they experienced during slavery. Because slaves were only allowed to meet for Christian services they began singing songs of solitude and despair.  characteristics Negro spirituals were sung in the form of call and response. They were also […]

Negro Spirituals


Negro Spiritual Post

Negro spirituals were composed and sung by African slaves. It is usually sung in call and response were there was a singer leading the song and a choir would respond. Negro spiritual is the largest and most known type of folk song until it became out played in 1865 with the abolishment of slavery. However […]

Negro Spirituals

Through The Middle Passage Negro spirituals came about after folk music during the save trade when slaves were starting to be transported all over the world to enslavement. Negro spirituals were prominent around the time of the beginning of slavery to the late 1800s.These negro spirituals were songs of the soul, songs that expressed the […]

Negro Spirituals

Negro Spirituals was a religious category of music created by African Americans that were slaves. Negro Spirituals had a somber tone, and often talked about going to heaven. This is because it was a way for the slaves to feel comforted knowing that their pain was temporary, and they would be rewarded in the after […]

Negro Spiritual Post

Negro Spiritual History and More!! The genre Negro Spiritual started as a way for slaves to talk about what they were going through in their daily lives. The songs also started to become a type of code that slaves used to help other slaves escape to the north so that they can be free. This […]

Negro Spirituals

Negro Spirituals Elijah Rock is an example of a Negro Spiritual. Slaves were the composers of Negro Spirituals,  but white men written down and got some credit where credit was not due. The first book published of Negro spirituals was titled The First 100 Slave Songs of the United States. When Negro spirituals are performed […]

Negro Spirituals- Kamiya Watkins

Negro Spirituals By Kamiya Watkins Negro Spirituals is  not only a vocal genre, but it is also involves choirs and instruments. This genre dates back all the way from 1865 until today. This songs were composed by slaves from Africa who whom were brought to America against their will and summoned to be enslaved. Their […]

Negro Spirituals

Negro Spirituals The beginning of music began with negro spirituals. Negro Spirituals were songs sang by enslaved Africans. In these songs they would express their feelings and emotions about the situation they were in. A lot of the words were in relation to god and how they yearned for new beginnings and the promise of […]

African American Negro Spirituals

What are Negro Spirituals? Negro spirituals are songs created by Africans who were brought to America to be enslaved against their will. Although they had their language, families, and cultures taken away from them, they still held on to their music. The singing and creation of Negro spirituals was very important to the enslaved people […]

From Cotton Fields to Concert Halls by Peyton Bolling

Negro Spirituals are a form of religious folksongs that are associated with the enslavement of thousands of African people during the 17th century . They were created by Africans that were captured, taken to the United States, and sold into slavery. Africans were not granted their freedom nor their own religious beliefs during this era. […]

Negro Spirituals- Alex Chargois

What is a Negro Spiritual? Songs that were created by black slaves in America starting around 1865 that reflected the hardships they were facing, provided hope for the future, and served as messages to each other. Examples Commodification  These songs were never written down or published by their actual creators, white people would hear […]

You Need Some Negro Spirituals

You Need Some Negro Spirituals Negro Spirituals originally surfaced when slaves were working through the plantations many years ago. These songs were cries for help from their Lord and Savior. Negro Spirituals were created by black people and published by whippos. White people made money off of music they did not even dare to create, […]

Negro Spirituals

Negro Spirituals is a genre of songs originating in the United States that were created by African Americans. These songs were a mixture of christianity and slavery hardships. Negro spirituals are still booming in today’s century even though they were used as a way to praise God. The first major collection of Negro Spirituals was […]

Origin of Negro Spirituals

The Origin of Negro Spirituals: Slavery to Calvary The origins of Negro Spirituals began in the 1860’s after the spread of Christianity across the plantation. As slaves, many Africans were forced to adopt the Christian religion which acted as one step closer to them assimilating to Western culture and forgetting the remnants of their native […]

Negro Spirituals

Negro spirituals are songs created by the Africans who were captured and brought to the United States to be sold into slavery. Some characteristics  of the songs are that they were slow and low sounding. The songs were also used to communicate with one another without the knowledge of their masters. This was particularly the […]