Negro Spiritual Post by Faith Shannon

Negro Spirituals

A Review of: A Unique and Symbolic Thread in African American Culture

     Everything that we have learned so far about Negro Spirituals aligns perfectly with this article, while giving a little extra context. From its roots in the 1860s (around 1865), negro spirituals have been used to unite black people. Although music in general is something people use to express themselves, the beauty in this genre is that it was made by and for negro people. This genre transcends through time as the topics, such as God and hardship, are still relevant today. The article also mentioned they were passed down. In fact, they were passed down until they were written down and many of them were used to make the 100 slave songs of the US collection. Negro Spiritual artists that I have enjoyed learning about include Mahalia Jackson and Marian Anderson. Another aspect that I love about Negro Spirituals is that they are not only suited for church, but also for anytime that black people want to bring themselves together. Since the 19th century, those times included instances in the Civil Rights Movement of the 60s, and through various performances from artists and choirs. 

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