The Real Tea about Negro Spirituals

Have you ever wondered how black people reflected about slavery? About being kidnapped from their homes and forced into slavery in a New World. Working in houses and on plantations while also, only being allowed to meet for Christian services only? Listen to some negro spirituals like, “Sweet Honey in the Rock” by Motherless Child or “Wade in the Water” by the Fisk Jubilee Singers. Black people used their time to sing negro spirituals to talk about their struggles and hardships. During their time at religious meetings and gatherings, they would gather together after church or in their feeling and faith. Some of the meetings held would be gatherings of hundreds to thousands of slaves at a time.Slaves used their songs, sometimes referred to as “corn ditties”, to coupe with their enslavement and gave them something to believe in. The songs created were used to lift spirits and give hope for better days. 

Here is an example of a Negro Spiritual

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